I was a normal, middle class wife and mother living in a small, upper middle class northeastern town with my husband of over 14 years and our three young sons. I can show you my carefully crafted scrapbooks to prove it. Then, my husband was Snatched. Life has escorted me to my platform, which is affair prevention or, alternatively, post-affair survival.

Almost six years ago, my husband dumped me on our doorstep. Two days later, I learned that he was having an affair. The events that occurred over the subsequent seven plus years and right up to the present, while often unbelievable, are the truth, recorded by me every step of the way. My family’s journey, while painful especially initially, is not without its lighter moments. In fact, if I didn’t quickly discover the ability to see humor in every crazy situation, we wouldn’t have survived. The business of affairs and divorce is not a happy one, but with the right attitude, life can be enjoyable despite the upheaval and hurt. For example, I could have laughed or cried when my ex and his mistress/ magically turned wife gave my unused (having had three boys) “girl name”, to their dog.

In fact, my ex husband’s new wife is not just a run-of-the-mill Homewrecker. Big and bold like BBQ sauce, she isn’t shamefully cowering in the shadows but is instead sunning herself directly across the pool from me at my swim club. Instead of simply cheating on me, leaving, and moving on with their glorious new life, L, my ex, and his BBQ sauce chose to stick around and provide me with this story.

It’s about friendship, survival, and transparency.

My story unfolds year by year.  Begin the saga by clicking on 2010…..