Single Mom By Surprise

When the end of your marriage sneaks up on you...

Author: jeanbean94

#2 (Made for Testing)

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So, this is my first “blog post” as I wade into the waters of blogging. It’s going to be about, well, my blog! Everything, so far, is an experiment. It hasn’t been easy figuring out how to do this. I have a story to share that is ongoing, though. I’ll roll it out bit by bit under the pages labeled with years. All my material is recorded, but it’s a tedious process typing it in from my handwritten journals, removing the “and then I tossed in a fifth load of laundry” mundane, and making sure I don’t begin too many sentences with conjunctions. I also admit that I’m partial to quotes around “random” words and phrases -dashes, and my all time favorite………

Every name used has been changed to protect the identities of both the innocent and the guilty. In fact, in most cases, characters chose (usually after a glass of wine), their own pseudonyms

Over here in the Blog, I’ll discuss things that I’ve figured out or done that I think are interesting. Topics covered under this tab might include parenting, gardening, reading, or making bracelets. I have a knack for keeping myself occupied, whether at home, waiting in the car for a boy’s practice to end, or (shhhhhh) watching a baseball game.

Currently, some bonus pages exist that cover these same interests, but they might disappear as I figure this all out and become better at BLOGGING! Please join me on this exciting journey. I hope I can better your life, if only in some tiny way!